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Listen to Daniel on Red Pill Sunday School  with Clint , Sunday 5 PM ET/2 PM PT Archive of 1st show Clint with Daniel 2018-01-07 Visit Clint’s site Reality Blog and enjoy his book STRAWMAN The Real Story of your Artificial Person

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Production of Legal Identities

The Production of Legal Identities Proper to States: The Case of the Permanent Family Surname.PDF JAMES C. SCOTT, JOHN TEHRANIAN, AND JEREMY MATHIAS Published by: Cambridge University Press Stable URL:

Truth versus Fiction of Law

TRUTH VERSUS FICTION OF LAW IS THERE ANY REMEDY? Saturday January 13,A.D.2018.1PM to 5:30PM EST Thank you to the speakers for sharing their information. Thanks to all those who attended and for sharing their experiences. Video coming as soon as possible.     This is an educational gathering for spiritually minded people seeking truth and … [Read more…]